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Mad Dash Heating and Air Conditioning provides high-quality installation, customized design, and service for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning – (HVAC) systems for both Commercial and Residential customers. 


Heating Equipment Safety & Efficiency

Your heating system needs maintenance regularly because of the work it does keeping your home warm and comfortable – protecting the investments you made in your home by keeping things from freezing.

There are common tell-tale signs that your system may need maintenance or repair services.  Customers tend to complain that their heating bills keep going up, or they are afraid to turn up the heat, but they are still freezing! if you have one of these complaints or others, waste no time to call Mad Dash HVAC.

A heating system tune-up can save money and save lives. Cracks or splits in the furnace heat exchanger can result in dangerous carbon monoxide gas being circulated throughout a home.

It is a good idea to have annual HVAC inspections to catch and prevent:

  • Improper installation
  • Electric Ignition or pilot control problems
  • Frequent cycling
  • Malfunctioning thermostat
  • The furnace is too noisy
  • Improper venting that may cause air to enter the burner from the wrong direction
  • Incorrect air/gas mix in burners
  • A malfunction in the furnace, water heater, or appliance itself.


Air Conditioning Equipment Safety & Efficiency 

When the weather outside gets unbearable, Air Conditioning systems are designed to keep you comfortable in your home.  

Your comfort is compromised when problems emerge, waste no time calling Mad Dash Heating & Air Conditioning highly-skilled technicians to diagnose, adjust, or repair your AC units.


Mad Dash Heating & Air Conditioning will also check to make certain that your home is properly equipped to ensure maximum cooling efficiency. Your air conditioning system is an investment and will provide years of comfort and enjoyment if properly maintained and serviced.


Mad Dash Heating & Air Conditioning has over 19 years of restoring comfort to Ferndale and Metro Detroiters.


Breath Easy with Reliable Air Quality Services 

Let our team help you breathe easier and remove harmful pollutants from your home or business.

Mad Dash Heating and Air Conditioning provide a variety of air quality services to make sure your air is free of harmful allergens and bacteria. An accumulation of dust tends to spread by running your furnace or AC unit for the first time, especially during season changes. This happens when air ducts allergens and dust collects and eventually get dispersed into the air once a unit is turned on.

The Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental dangers to the public.

Improving air quality is imperative if there is anyone suffering from asthma and allergies or lung diseases in your home or business. Our professionals will clean out your air ducts and install modern air filters and purifiers into your ventilation system.

Common pollutants found in your home or office include:

  • Pet hair & dander
  • Mold
  • Pollen
  • Viruses
  • Dead skin cells
  • Decaying organic matter
  • Dust mites / Dust mite feces
  • Textile fibers
  • Bacteria

Why Hire Mad Dash HVAC?

Our NATE certified heating and cooling contractors take the time to inspect and properly diagnose your entire HVAC system. We are fully licensed and insured HVAC service providers.

Mad Dash Heating and Air Conditioning also offer you the security of knowing that we are ready to ensure that your heating & cooling equipment operates safely and efficiently. 

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