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 Michigan’s summer temperatures changes often. It can be 90 degrees Monday, 70 Monday night, 80 over night, and 62 Tuesday. You need a sturdy and effective air conditioning system that can manage your comforts as the weather changes.

Mad Dash Heating & Air Conditioning comfort technicians are skilled in installation, maintenance, and repairs of a variety of AC systems.

We also offer reliable brands and can work with income challenged home owners. Don’t sit in a corner under that box fan all summer long. Waste no time to call Mad Dash HVAC comfort technicians.

We Handle All Cooling System Makes & Models

Air Conditioning Repair Air Conditioning Repair
Mad Dash HVAC is a trusted and reliable air conditioning repair company committed to customer satisfaction.

Our Comfort Technicians work hard to make sure clients are happy with our services – whether it’s minor repair like replacing a bad capacitor or major unit repairs, our trained technicians will get the job done.

Air Conditioning Installation Air Conditioning Installation
Specializing in residential and commercial air conditioning installation, Mad Dash Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to keeping clients in Ferndale and Metropolitan Michigan, nice and cool.

We aim to deliver complete customer satisfaction on every project we undertake. We also offer a wide selection of air conditioner models at affordable prices to meet your specific needs.
Call our Comfort Technicians at  (313) 405-3895 to install your new A/C systems.

AC Filter Maintenance AC Filter Maintenance
NATE-certification means we have the training, skills and tools to provide maintenance or repairs problems properly.

Our fully-stocked service vehicles are located in neighborhoods all over the Ferndale and Metropolitan area. Meaning you can get your system maintenance, and health check TODAY.

Air Quality Services Air Quality Services
Is the air that passes through your home or office safe to breathe? Mad Dash Heating and Air Conditioning, LLC in Ferndale, MI provides a variety of air quality services to make sure your air is free of harmful allergens and bacteria.

Our comfort technicians will clean out your air ducts and install modern air filters and purifiers into your ventilation system.

Evaporator Coil Services Evaporator Coil Services
Evaporator coil services, cleaning and repair is a daunting job. Dirt and debris (like leaves) that accumulate on your air conditioner coils and can block airflow across the coil. Bad or blocked coils will cause your DTE bills to increase.

Call your comfort technicians at Mad Dash HVAC to get the job done for you – quick and inexpensive.

UV Air Sanitizers UV Air Sanitizers
More necessary because of Covid19, If you have excess bacteria, allergy-inducing particles, or viruses within the air in your home, some members of your household may experience an increase in how often they’re sick.
At Mad Dash Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer complete UN air sanitizer services, including maintenance, repair, and installation.

Mad Dash Heating & Air Conditioning Customer Care Plan is a complete air conditioning, service, and maintenance package with heating services for one low monthly payment.

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